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Entry Level Opportunities

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The scale and diversity of the work we do means there are many ways to start a new career in Local Government.

We offer a range of programs for graduates, school leavers, school and university students and mature aged people to develop a new career path and make a real difference in your community.

Graduate Positions

Graduate positions are open to those who have recently completed university studies.

They are most common in areas such as planning, engineering, environmental health, human resources and project management.

As with any professional position, councils look out for graduates who possess great communication and people skills and show lots of initiative.


Cadetships are fixed-term programs that provide paid employment to professional staff while completing their university degrees.

They are a great way to gain practical experience while studying. The length of cadetships can vary according to the degree and whether study is full- or part-time.

Cadetships are most commonly offered in:

  • Engineering
  • Building surveying
  • Planning
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources

To find a cadetship, look out for advertised vacancies or contact your university.


Apprenticeships are a great way to get a trade qualification and work at the same time.

They usually take 3-4 years to complete and while a job may not be guaranteed at the end, most apprentices go on to be employed by councils or other businesses in the local area.

Apprenticeships are available to those leaving school, re-entering the workforce or adults looking at a career change. Students can even begin an apprenticeship while finishing high school, which is known as a School-Based Apprenticeship.

There are over 120 apprenticeship qualifications available nationally, with choices varying in each state according to local need.

For further insight into entry-level employment programs at one of our councils, watch this video from MidCoast Council

Many Councils offer apprenticeships, particularly in the following vocations:


Parks and Gardens Certificate III


Sports Turf Management Certificate III


Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology Certificate III


Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Certificate III

Carpentry and Joinery

Certificate III

Civil Construction

Road Construction and Maintenance Certificate III

Civil Construction

Plant Operations Certificate III

Civil Construction

Timber Bridge Construction and Maintenance Certificate III

Electro Technology

Electrician Certificate III


Electrical/Electronic Trade Certificate III


Mechanical Trade Certificate III

Telecommunications Technology

Certificate III


Certificate III


Like apprenticeships, traineeships offer paid work and training, leading to a national qualification upon completion.

Traineeships usually take 1-2 years, depending on the level of the qualification. Traineeships are available in over 300 qualifications for outdoor and indoor (administrative and professional) Council staff.

Those most commonly offered by councils are in:

  • Business Services (e.g. office administration, customer service)
  • Civil Construction (e.g. plant operations)
  • IT
  • Community Services (e.g. early childhood education and care, individual support)
  • Horticulture
  • Asset maintenance (e.g. waste management)
  • Local Government (operational works and regulatory services)
  • Tourism
  • Water (e.g. water treatment, wastewater treatment)

For more information on how to become an apprentice or trainee, go to Australian Apprenticeships – and Australian Apprenticeships Pathways –

Work Experience

Work experience is a great way to gain hands-on knowledge.

It adds a valuable practical element to your studies, broadens your experience and vastly improves your employment opportunities.

Work experience enables you to work as part of a team, develop communication skills and build a strong work ethos – all qualities that potential employers will be looking for.

Most councils offer work experience to students from surrounding high schools or university students who need industry placement experience as part of their degrees.

Contact your local council for potential work experience opportunities.

Entry Level Opportunities

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The scale and diversity of work on offer in Local Government is impressive.

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