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Working in the local library you are at the heart of the community. Libraries welcome everyone and have resources and activities for all ages and interests. Be part of an essential service that provides a place for people to read, relax, learn, imagine and create.


Types of Roles:


Library Technician

Library Services Coordinator

Program Manager

Project Officer

Team Leader

Library Assistant/Officer

What we do:

  • Design and deliver programs and community events such as author talks, children’s book readings, performances, classes, displays and library tours.
  • Maintain library resources, records and systems.
  • Assist customers to access library resources, undertake database searches and answer queries.
  • Arrange inter-library loans.
  • Reshelve returned library resources.


Librarians hold an Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) accredited undergraduate or post graduate university qualification in library and information science.

Library Technicians hold an ALIA accredited Diploma in Library and Information Studies, usually delivered through a TAFE institute.

No formal qualification is required for Library Assistant roles, however a Certificate III or IV in Library and Information Services may be an advantage.

People working in libraries as Program Managers, Project Officers or Team Leaders may have library and information qualifications or other qualifications and experience in related fields such as community development, social sciences, business or education.

The ALIA Framework of Skills, Knowledge and Ethics for the Library and Information Services Workforce is an important resource for job seekers and employers. Having a clear impression of the sector will support those looking to transition careers, bringing with them a diversity of skills and experience. For recruitment purposes, the Framework can underpin role description criteria by mapping out competency areas required or desired for particular roles.


Arts and cultural services contribute to the lifestyle and wellbeing of a community. You will play a key role in providing facilities, programs and activities for community members and visitors to the area.

Types of roles:

Art Gallery Curator

Museum Manager/Assistant

Cultural Project Officer

Arts and Programs Officer

Cultural Events and Marketing Officer

Community Development Officer

Community Arts Centre Coordinator

What we do:

  • Operate art galleries, museums and theatres
  • Deliver festivals, fairs, markets
  • Organise events to celebrate target groups or national events (e.g. Naidoc Week, Seniors Week, Youth Week)
  • Run community programs including cultural tours
  • Consult with the community about cultural needs and services
  • Increase public awareness of cultural heritage and programs in the local community


Educational requirements will vary according to the role but relevant tertiary qualifications include degrees in Business, Arts, Fine Arts, Social Sciences.

Vocational education and training (VET) qualifications relevant in this field include:

  • Certificate II in Information and Cultural Services
  • Certificate III/IV/Diploma of Arts and Cultural Administration
  • Certificate III/IV/Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
  • Certificate III in Events
  • Diploma /Advanced Diploma of Event Management


Tourism and community events generate significant income and employment within our local area. Play a role in promoting the area to visitors and providing local events for residents.

Types of roles:

Tourism and Visitor Information Centre Officer/Manager

Events Officer/Coordinator/Manager

What we do:

  • Operate visitor centres and tourist attractions
  • Organise events such as outdoor cinemas, concerts and fun runs
  • Produce marketing assets to promote the local area (website, brochures, social media)


Educational requirements will vary according to the field of work but tertiary qualifications desirable for senior roles in this field are in Tourism and Event Management, Business, Commerce, Communications and Marketing.


Vocational education and training (VET) qualifications relevant for entry-level positions include:

  • Certificate II, III in Tourism
  • Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management
  • Certificate III in Events
  • Diploma /Advanced Diploma of Event Management

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