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About local Government

Local Government advances the interests and provides services to communities across Australia.

There are 537 local Councils, Shires and Local Government Areas (LGAs) across Australia employing anywhere between 5 and 8,500 people, depending on the size of the council.

Mayors and councillors of Local Government Areas are elected to represent their community and approve the policies, plans and budgets that guide the work of council staff.

With a spend of around $35 billion annually, people in local government are proud to provide services that positively impact the lives of millions of Australians each day.

Councils operate at the heart of the community and have a responsibility to ensure the future success of our regions.

Councils offer so many different career options. You could be:

  • Planning, building and managing local infrastructure such as roads, bridges or footpaths
  • Designing, managing, improving or maintaining recreation facilities such as parks, sports fields, golf courses, sports centres, camping grounds or caravan parks
  • Managing major community assets such as airports, marinas, car parks or council-owned buildings and Crown Land
  • Delivering important health services such as water and food inspections, immunisations, noise and animal control
  • Managing waste collection or water and sewerage services
  • Protecting wetlands and coastal dunes, managing land rehabilitation or leading environmental sustainability
  • Operating community care services such as child or aged care, youth and welfare
  • Planning the future needs of a city, town or suburb and approving building development proposals
  • Helping deliver cultural services such as libraries, art galleries, museums or organising cultural events
  • Growing local tourism through visitor centres, festivals, events and markets

As you can see, there’s plenty of opportunity for your skills to find a home.

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The scale and diversity of the work we do means Local Government can offer you many different career paths. If you add the ability to make a real difference in your community, you’ll agree there’s no better place to start or grow your career.

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