Kiama Municipal Council

Work Experience Application

Posted: 21 Feb
Closes: 01 Jan
Kiama, NSW


Kiama Council supports and recognises the benefits that work experience provides to the student, Council and community. Work experience opportunities are unpaid and must be supported as part of a recognised program or course of study. This includes:

  • school work experience programs
  • TAFE work experience programs or compulsory work placements
  • university work experience programs or compulsory work placements
  • government labour market and community-based work experience programs
  • recognised rehabilitation programs

Placements will depend on whether the work area can provide an effective on-the-job experience. 


Please complete the application form below. You will need an Email address.

On the NEXT page you will have to attach Insurance cover details and any other supporting information.

For more information contact: Human Resources on 4232 0444 or email


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