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There is more waiting for you in regional Australia

Move To More is a national initiative of the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) to raise awareness among metropolitan Australians about the opportunities to live, work and invest in our regional towns and cities.

Research commissioned by the RAI has found that one-in-five people were considering a sea-change or tree-change. More than two-thirds of those who were considering moving were ready to do so within a year!

At regionally-curious Australians can search seventy-six regions nationwide and almost 2000 regional towns and cities.

More career opportunities

Our regional Councils offer thousands of rewarding and diverse jobs across the nation. Best of all, a career in the regions is so much more than a job. It’s about unlocking a new life; with more time; more space and more bang for your buck!

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Explore Australia’s regions

Do you want a tree change or a sea change? Need to be close to an airport without the hustle and bustle of city living? Explore seventy-six regions across Australia to find the community that suits you and your family’s needs.

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Mover Stories, News & Articles

More and more city dwellers are choosing to move to the regions – opting for a better lifestyle. They are updated regularly with real-life accounts of people and their families moving to regional Australia to inspire others to do the same.

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You Moved Where?! Podcast

Hear from everyday Australians who have packed up and made the move from big, capital cities and set sail for new horizons in regional Australia. Hosted by Bec Bignell, each episode features an in-depth interview exploring why different people made the move.

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