Navigating your career journey with local government just got easier.

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Navigating your career journey with local government just got easier.

Careers at Council is your local government career hub. Designed to make your search easier, it gathers everything you need to know about a career in local government into one place.

In April, we launched a new and improved version of, making it simpler to find your next job and navigate your career.


We’ve used in-depth analytics to understand how candidates journey through the site; including what pages you visit, and how you get there.

Using this information, we’ve made some changes to make it easier to find your way around. There’s a new job search tool at the top of the homepage where you can filter your preferences to find the right job for you. You can also use this tool to easily register for job alerts.

We’ve also added tiles on the homepage so you can easily explore the different areas you can work in council, register for job alerts and discover if council is right for you.


We understand that one of the best ways to effectively tell our story is with rich, engaging video content. We’ve included videos on many of the career area pages and have added an entire new page dedicated to videos of council employees who’re already making a difference in their community.


We’ve made some changes to the wording on the site as well. We’ve reduced the length of the career area pages to give you just the information you need in an easy-to-read format. Our Working in Councils section now includes a page titled ‘Is council right for you’ because we understand how important it is to decide if local government is the right fit for you. We have also added a page for Veterans whose valuable skills are needed by local government.


The updates we’ve made to our website are all designed with your experience in mind. First impressions count, and your journey with local government begins right here at Careers at Council.

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